If you’re not goofing you’re not working Posted on August 15, 2012

Time to put aside your guilt at taking walks and breaks during working hours because inspiration strikes when you least expect it… If you’ve ever spent even an hour of any given work day with your head resting between your hands in frustration at the mental block that you have been vigorously trying to fight […]

What Are You Looking to Hire, A Good or Great Salesperson? Posted on May 9, 2012

It’s in their DNA. It can’t be taught with a book or through a weekend seminar. It’s just there, or it’s not. It’s what separates a good salesperson, from a great one. If you’re looking to hire the best of the best, you have to know what to look for and you have to know […]

3 Tips to Motivate Employees Beyond Money Posted on December 7, 2011

Every company can offer money as compensation. The great companies compensate their people beyond money. Learn how with Laimoon.com’s 3 tips to motivate employees beyond money