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Pros and Cons of Living in Sharjah and Working in DubaiPosted on November 12, 2018

Having a job in Dubai is a dream for millions as Dubai pays more than many. Expats are drawn to this Emirate because of its charm, luxury and the fat pay packs. However, life in Dubai can be exorbitantly expensive and complicated. Therefore, this makes Sharjah very appealing for its affordability and simplicity. Nonetheless, career opportunities in Sharjah are limited as compared to Dubai and even the salaries are more humble.

However, in recent times expats have found a way of reaping the benefits of both, Dubai and Sharjah, simultaneously. The population of employees living in Sharjah and travelling to Dubai on a daily basis has experienced a  multifold increase.

Here are the pros and cons of living in Sharjah and working in Dubai:


  1. Higher potential for savings

People working in Dubai do have high earnings, but those who live in Dubai have very less savings. Things in Dubai are either expensive or you do not get it! Also, the nightlife and other leisure activities will surely eat a pie from your salary. On the other, Sharjah is much relaxed and sleeps early. Nightlife here is minimal and it will never lure you into burning your pocket on leisure. Simply put, in the long run, how much you saved is a much more important question than how much you earned.

     B. Higher Salary

Dubai has been the most preferred tourist destination in the Middle East and Asia. Couple that with petroleum and other supplementary industries. All this has led several multinational companies setting up their offices in Dubai. Therefore, salaries here are higher than any other emirate. Since Sharjah is the nearest Emirate state from Dubai, it is the best place to move in.

  1. Career growth

Due to its ever growing tourism industry, petroleum, luxury resorts and hotels, shopping malls and financial corporations, Dubai offers diverse career options to choose and grow. From highly educated professionals like engineers, doctors, and marketing experts to skilled technicians like plumbers, electricians, drivers, carpenters, etc. Dubai has a job for every skill and level. And while starting your career in a city like Dubai, it is preferable to do so from living in Sharjah due to its travel convenience and affordability.

  1. Affordability

Sharjah is one of the more affordable states of the UAE. Rental apartments in Sharjah are so cheaper compared to Dubai. Rent for a 4BHK luxury house in Sharjah is almost equivalent to a cramped 1BHK in Dubai. Also, food materials are priced much lower than in Dubai. Medical facilities and education, which make a substantial part of your expenses are also very budget friendly. All in all, living in Sharjah and working in Dubai is a brilliant idea if affordability is your concern.

  1. Interaction with people from different cultures

According to an estimate, the UAE is home to expats from over 200 countries, and people from almost all of these 200 are live in Dubai. Also, since several European, American and Asian MNCs have been setup in Dubai, you are bound to come in contact with people from across the globe. You get a unique opportunity of understanding different cultures of the world and make friends from all the 7 continents. This will surely help you develop as a human being and a professional. Many of these people from different regions of the world live in Sharjah, too, and some may even be your colleagues at work.

  1. Relaxed life with optimum productivity

Work in Dubai can be very demanding and challenging. Competition is very high, with thousands waiting out there to get a job. Like most big cities in the world, the corporate culture has gripped Dubai as well. This means more pressure and awful deadlines to get the work done. After such a hectic day, the last thing your body wants is an electrifying nightlife. Add to that the never ending construction work all over Dubai, and you will already feel tired. This is where Sharjah greets you wholeheartedly. Life in Sharjah is very relaxed and peaceful. With minimal nightlife and wide open spaces make it the perfect place to spend your evening after working in a busy metro city. This way, you can have best of both the worlds.



  1. Irritation of travelling

One of the worst parts of living in Sharjah and working in Dubai is travelling. Although Sharjah is just about 25-30kms away from Dubai, commuting to and fro between peak hours will surely take a toll on you. The Dubai – Sharjah highway is packed to capacity in morning and evenings. This might turn a 30 minutes’ drive from Sharjah to Dubai in to a journey of 1-2 hours. Going through all this every working day puts a lot of stress on the passengers for sure.

  1. Lack of facilities for family

When you live with your family in Sharjah, there are certain things that you will have to compromise. Medical facilities are good, but not as good as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Same is with education, leisure and picnic spots. But all of these are a lot more affordable is Sharjah. So it is a kind of give and take affair.

  1. Parking space in Dubai

If you stay in Sharjah and work in Dubai, you will surely be tempted to drive your own car to work. But beware, you are bound to have parking problems more often than not. Dubai has huge parking spaces, no doubt about that, but certain parking lots are so big and confusing, that it takes forever to find your car in the evening. This is not a deal breaker, but can be a bit frustrating at times. Nonetheless, if you want to avoid this, you have an option for public bus transport as well.

As you have probably understood, there are more merits than demerits of staying in Sharjah and working in Dubai. So start your preparations soon!

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