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5 Ways Dating is Similar to Job-huntingPosted on February 14, 2016

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When you were a little kid, you had some sort of a vision of how your life would be like when you’re all grown up. You had a scenario in your head of how the perfect man/woman would look like and how you’d meet and fall in love then get married. You also imagined you’d finish high school, go to college, graduate and find an amazing job. Both haven’t really happened. Things almost never happen the way we envision them, not in your career and not in your dating life. You’d actually be surprised by how much dating and job-hunting are similar, but here’s 5 ways they’re exactly the same.

Looking for Your “One & Only”

We’re all looking for that perfect one, whether a job or a life partner. You’re never going to meet someone who says “I’ll settle for any girl to be my wife” and you’ll probably never hear someone saying “I’d take any job it doesn’t matter”. When we’re looking, we are looking for a perfect match and an absolute fit.

Honesty is the Best Way to Go

If you’re beginning to know someone you’re romantically interested in, or applying for a job that you see yourself doing, you’ll tell some small white lies or skip some small details to increase your chances. However, you won’t risk it with big lies because if the situation progresses, you’ll get busted. An imaginary job at Facebook you said you had would definitely put you in a weird situation if the employer asks for reference, and you just can’t lie about hating pizza your whole life!

Networking Your Way to theTop

Having lots of friends and hoping they’ll introduce you to a great person, or drop a good word for you to get a job is great. It doesn’t work out so often though, so you start taking your chances with online dating sites! Same goes for online job portals, like Laimoon, that have become inevitable.

Interviews vs. First Dates

If you really think about it, they are exactly the same. The smiles, the questions, the anxiety, the preparation, the amount of time you spend picking what to wear, avoiding big subjects because it’s just too soon, and waiting eagerly to see how this first meeting ends.

The Wait that Kills You After

After the first in-person interaction is done, you’ll be making sure your phone is right next to you at all times, waiting for a text message from that perfect guy/girl or a call from the employer saying you are qualified to move to the next step. In both scenarios you’re hoping it’s a yes and time can’t pass quick enough.

Whether dating or job-hunting, ending up with “the one” is neither easy nor quick. It takes time, patience and perseverance.


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