5 Ways a Professional Certification Can Lift Your Career and Change Your LifePosted on December 23, 2015

Professional Courses Lift Your Career

Professional certifications or qualifications are offered by professional or educational institutions. They are becoming increasingly popular among professionals who want to be ahead in their career. Whatever field you’re in or want to be in, chances are there’s a certification for it. There are a lot of benefits that come with a “Certified” notion on your profile and here are 5 ways it can lift your career and potentially change your life:

1 . Boosting Your CV

Professional Qualifications are a huge booster to your resume. They show that you are a dedicated professional who is motivated, enthusiastic, driven and eager to learn and develop; which are qualities all employers want in their employees. Human Resources Certifications and Project Management Certifications in particular prove to be extremely powerful on a CV. (Check out our post about Writing the Perfect CV)

2 . Increasing Your Salary and Getting Promoted

A lot of studies conducted around the world show that professional certifications cause a 5% to 25% increase in salaries. Studies also show that qualifications play a huge factor in securing a job promotion. This is especially true for professionals with IT Certifications, Accounting & Finance Certifications, Healthcare Certifications, and Hospitality Certifications.

3 . Building a Solid Ground for Career Change

For so many reasons, personal or professional, you might find yourself wanting to change careers. Even though companies usually ask for experience, if you want to put a foot in the door of a new profession, relevant professional courses will come in handy. If you studied marketing in college for example and you want to move to the creative and design field, you can go for Graphic Design courses, Photography courses, Digital & Social Media courses, Film and Television courses… etc.

4 . Entering a Profession

Professional courses also allow you to enter certain professions and acquire needed skills to progress and succeed. In some sectors, it is impossible to get a job without certain qualifications especially if you are applying to one of the big companies. You can also take courses in order to follow your passion if you’re tired of the corporate world. You can go for Cooking classes, Baking classes, Makeup courses, Hairdressing courses, Cabin Crew courses or join a training to become a teacher or a trainer yourself!

5 . Enhancing your Abilities and Gaining Respect

Sometimes it’s not about the money, a new job, a career change or a promotion as much as it is for personal development and confidence. Professional certifications are a resounding proof of your knowledge and expertise in a certain field which will make it easier for you to showcase your abilities to employers and colleagues and gain their respect. Courses will improve your skills and make you more confident in what you can achieve in the workplace.

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