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5 Best & Most Important Tips for Writing a Perfect CV / ResumePosted on November 17, 2015

5 Tips for writing a Perfect Resume

Secure an interview for your dream job with these CV writing tips.

Recruiters and HR managers receive tens and sometimes hundreds of CVs for each job vacancy they have, so if you really want that job, you have got to stand out in the crowd (or in this case, your CV has to stand out in the pile). Say goodbye to the days where you downloaded a Microsoft Word CV template and just filled in your details. Today’s world requires a little bit more effort with a pinch of creativity. Follow these tips to make writing your CV an easier process:

1 . Be precise, be Concise. If your resume is longer than 2 A4 pages, you have to make it shorter. No one reads your CV word by word; recruiters/HR managers are looking for points to tick off their checklist. Keep this in mind and write short, concise points instead of long paragraphs highlighting the most relevant ones to this particular job vacancy you’re applying to. You can find hints on what the employer is looking for in the job post/ description, so make sure you read it all carefully.

2 . Customization is key. The same resume will not work best for each open job position. Make necessary changes in the structure, organization, tone, and wording of your CV every time you send it out, making sure to add/emphasize points that would serve you better in this role. The tone also is extremely important; you don’t want to sound too serious when applying to join a fun young company and you definitely do not want to sound too casual when applying to company that adopts a more serious culture. Learn more about the role and the company and customize your CV accordingly.

3 . Include a “Summary”, “Profile”, or “About Me” Section. Whatever you want to call it, a small introduction about yourself is always a good idea. Stay away from the boring clichés that everybody else is using. Take time to think of how to present yourself as a person who can add value to the company. Include facts about yourself that would highlight your ability to succeed in the role you’re applying to, and shows your competitive edge over other applicants. Professionals looking for Sales & Business Development Jobs, Marketing & Advertising Jobs, and Strategic Management & Consulting Jobs in particular need to put a lot of effort into this one; it’ll prove to be worth spending some time on it.

4 . Presentation makes all the difference. Make your resume stand out with a unique design and structure. You don’t need to be a graphics designer to get this right. Some simple tweaks in the formatting, font and information flow will make a good impression and will show that you are someone who goes that extra mile. This is important for applicants from all fields but crucial for those looking for Design & Creative Jobs.

5 . Add “Professional Certificates” and “Interests” section: Having taken professional courses after graduation from college shows that you are a constant learner, and that you never settle. Professional certifications are a validation of your skills and knowledge by a third party, increasing your credibility. Certificates also give you a differentiating edge on others during the hiring process and empower you enough to ask for a higher salary. HR Courses, Accounting and Finance Courses, Project Management Courses and IT Courses along with certifications give your CV a huge push and they proved to be a game-changer for professionals.

In the “Interests” section, include things that show how diverse, outgoing and skilled you are. Don’t include lifeless activities like watching TV or hobbies that don’t require interaction with others. Instead, show your team spirit (team sports) or highlight your creativity (music, painting, writing).

Think of your CV as your ticket to get an interview, and make it as unique and as interesting as it could ever be.

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