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Learning Arabic in JordanPosted on October 20, 2015

learn arabic in Jordan

Arabic is the fourth widely spoken language in the world. Learning Arabic is a path to a wide range of professional opportunities. Jordan, with its reputation of security and hospitality, is considered one of the richest places on earth with regards to human history and heritage. This makes Jordan amongst the top destinations to learn Arabic worldwide. There are more than 100 Arabic courses in Jordan from 22 language training centers and institutes. Most of these courses are taught in Jordan’s capital city, Amman and range from JOD 350 – 3,000 depending ont he type of course, the intensity and speed, etc.

The Jordanian Arabic dialect is a very standard dialect, which is understandable all over the Arab World. Since Amman is quiet, comfortable and welcoming, foreigners rarely encounter problems. Students are encouraged to evolve and integrate themselves in the culture and the language so that they get the best out of their learning experience. English is a second language for many residents of Amman, implying ease in dealings with cab drivers, shopkeepers, and other day-to-day tasks, which may involve communication for foreigners.


Accomodation in Jordan goes from as low as JOD 125 ($176) / month all the way up to 700 JOD ($980) / month depending on the location, size, quality of the property rented. Some of the arabic language institutes in Jordan offer their students housing services, allowing you to choose between student accommodations, or to stay with a Jordanian host family. Host families usually provide basic accommodation and in addition, the whole cultural exchange experience.


Jordan has a developed public and private transportation system. Taxis are inexpensive and often the most convenient form of transportation in Jordan. Even substantial distances can be covered with the use of taxis. Private taxis (yellow cabs) can be taken from most places including major hotels and can also be found on the streets. Taxis generally have meters, however they are not always used as they should be, hence it is advisable to agree on the cost beforehand. Taxi drivers are friendly, know the city well, and usually speak English.


Jordan is blessed with a Mediterranean climate for pleasurable year-round travel. Amman is sunny and cloudless from May to October, with average temperatures of around 23c (73 F). Springtime brings optimal weather, lush with greenery, and autumn is equally mild and pleasant. July and August are hot and dry but not oppressive.

Because of the capital city’s elevation, evenings are cool. Aqaba and the Jordan valley are ideal cooler destinations with temperatures averaging 16-22 C (61-72 F) between November and April. There is very little rain in the Aqaba area and in the desert.

Cost of Living

The living costs in Jordan can vary widely depending on your personal lifestyle and habits. However, most students will spend around $100 per week. This does not include extra traveling, shopping, or frequent restaurant dining. The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). The exchange rate of 1 JOD is equal to 1.40 USD.

Tips for improving your Arabic while in Jordan

Here are some of the things to check out during your visit in Jordan:

  • Shop in a traditional market one day and a sparkling mega mall the next
  • See an indie film with your roommate and check out a debke (dance) performance
  • Buy a Shmagh (colorful scarf) and strike up a conversation with the shop owner
  • Stroll through the King Hussein Gardens
  • Find a quiet corner of the Roman Amphitheater and sit and enjoy the view.

After all, Amman is known for its accessibility and openness, making it the perfect place to taste new foods, try new things, and practice your new language skills.


In order to help enrich your experience while in Jordan, we encourage you to get involved in the positive work happening in and around Amman. There are more than one hundred local and global NGO’s in Jordan and a lot of them offer volunteering opportunities and internships.

By serving and connecting with others, you will enhance your understanding of the culture in the region. Simultaneously you will be forced to use your newly acquired Arabic skills in a real-world setting.

Language Partner

Interact with locals and get a language partner so you can improve your Arabic and have the chance to practice speaking Arabic in casual setting, outside of the classroom. Meeting with a Language Partner will help you develop fluency and increase your confidence. Your language Partner may also help you understand aspects of the Jordanian culture.

There are a lot of ways you can get a language partner in Jordan. Some of the institutes and programs provide their students with a language partner or peer tutor.

You will also find that many Jordanians you will meet are willing to volunteer to be a language partner and help you with your Arabic speaking skills.

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