How 3 fitness trainers got their start…Posted on November 3, 2013

Glen Stollery

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What did you want to be when you were growing up?

What did you study if you studied?
Bachelor of Architecture at Auckland University

How did you initially start your career?
I guess my passion for fitness initially began when I saw the movie The Karate Kid at the age of ten – I really related to the lead character (I was just as skinny as he was!) So I begged my parents to let me start Tae Kwon Do which thankfully they did. I continued to do martial arts right through until adulthood – achieving a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

Whilst doing marital arts I used to walk through the local gym to get the the studio where the classes were held – I guess being in that environment each day sucked me in and soon I was just as hooked on weight training and fitness as I was on kicking and punching.

When I left school and went to Uni I funded my education by working as a Personal Trainer in a local gym. As the years continued I actually found myself enjoying the PTing much more so than the Architecture degree itself so after the third year I left Uni and went into the fitness industry full time. That was over 15 years ago and I’ve not left it since!

What do you like most about what you do?
I love that I spend my day surrounded by people who are trying to better their lives and I play a small part in the quest. Being in the fitness industry is incredibly rewarding – and seeing your members results and the joy and pleasure they get from becoming fitter and healthier is one hell of a buzz. In the Group Exercise environment where I spend almost all of my time it’s amazing to watch a packed room full of people pushing and challenging themselves – and knowing that you as their trainer helped take them to places they may not get on their own… there’s nothing quite like it!

What advice could you give someone wanting to start a career in fitness and personal training?
LOVE what you do! The fitness industry requires long hours, a lot of sweat and tears and a thick skin. But it’s the most amazing industry and will mean you LEAP out of bed looking forward to your day. There’s not too many other professions that can claim that.


 Jem Scragg

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What did you want to be when you were growing up?
When I was growing up I always thought I would be working within the sporting world, either a professional athlete in Football or Athletics, or I would be working in a leisure centre or in one way or another coaching.

Growing up I never really knew what was possible, when it came to the opportunities working life had to offer. I never even knew it was possible to own your own company in any way, shape or form.

What did you study if you studied?
GCSE’s, I studied just about everything any 16 year old would in the UK. During college I studied Sport and PE, Art and Sociology. I gained a HND in Sports Performance and Coaching from Bath University (I was a full time athlete ranked highly in the UK for middle distance athletics). From Bath I went to London/Surrey and gained a BSc Degree in Sport Science from St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

How did you initially start your career?
As time went on I decided not to pursue the professional world in athletics, there were many reasons, but in the end my focus was moved towards the world of coaching.

I started off working for one of the UK’s top Private Gym Chains as a fitness trainer and a Personal trainer. As time went on my reputation grew and opened the door for me to coach members of the local public throughout Surrey.

As work built up so did momentum, so I decided to take things seriously and build a business that could do two things.

i) Help people break past their limiting beliefs linked to health, using fitness and effective healthy principals as a platform towards optimum health and lifestyle performance.


ii) Give other talented and motivated coaches space to truly help the world take shape within the fitness and health world. My aim being to deliver guaranteed fitness and health results in person and online to all ‘BodyUK’ members on a  daily basis.

Things have been going brilliantly so far.

What do you like most about what you do?
I am a people person. I simply love to see the transformations that others achieve on a monthly basis. There is nothing better than helping and watching others achieve their once thought unachievable dreams. When this happens you see how it inspires others to take action which is contagious.

Being the business owner allows me to be creative. I also love the business side of business, even if it is not within the fitness and health industry. Joint ventures are fun, the opportunity to truly create something that could positively effect the world becomes addictive.

What advice could you give someone wanting to start a career in fitness and personal training?
Now I am probably the first person to believe in others. I truly believe we are all more than capable of achieving great things in whatever we choose. When it comes to working within the fitness world my biggest piece of advice would be to ‘listen’ to your clients and your co workers. Discover what others enjoy but also pay attention to what others dislike.

Never stop learning, because the world is always changing. The chances are that if you are not learning and implementing your thoughts moving you forwards, you are probably moving backwards.

When the time is right don’t be scared to try and follow your passions within business. Building your own business is not for everyone, but if it is for you then follow that path. You will know when the time is right.

“Never underestimate your personal potential, JS, 2013”



Eva Clarke

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What did you want to be when you were growing up?
When I was growing up I wanted to be an athlete whether it be in sport or fitness, I was so passionate about sport from a young age, I competed in state cross country, athletics and I was a soccer representative through my teenage years, touch football and tracking at the Olympics. I can recall when I was 8 years of age I would coast quietly be myself on a nice little run in the neighborhood. I believe it is etched in you who you choose to be, something drives you from within.

What did you study if you studied?

I studied everything I could about Fitness. Being part of the military enabled me to gain such professional execution of delivering strong structured PT. I am still studying, I always will continue to research the evolution of fitness – you can’t stop learning it’s about continuing to learn and develop yourself.

Qualifications and experience:
Military Physical Fitness Instructor Australian Defense Force
Military Self Defence Instructor
Army Combat Fitness Leader
Diploma in Fitness
Certificate 4 Work place assessor Fitness
CrossFit Level 1
Personal Trainer
Gym Instructor
Aqua Trainer
Freestyle group instructor
TRX Group instructor
Les Mills RPM/BP

How did you initially start your career?
I joined the Australian Army in 1998 after completing school and this was the start of my Military and fitness career. In 1999 I took my first step in to becoming a Fitness trainer by completing a Combat Fitness Leader (CFL) course, this ignited my passion to train both military and civilian personnel and soon after I attained my civil qualifications both in group instruction and personal training. I then transitioned from a part time combat fitness leader to a full time Military Physical Training Instructor (PTI) within the Australian Airforce.

What do you like most about what you do?
I feel truly blessed to work everyday as a fitness trainer, mentor and personal trainer. It gives me the opportunity to help my unique team of fitness enthusiasts to improve themselves physically and mentally. My team become my fitness family and everyone knows family isn’t about work it’s about being a strong established network. I am passionate about daily fitness training and truly believe that consistent training, a clean diet, and a healthy lifestyle are incredibly powerful tools for prevention of illness, disease and old age. There is nothing better than helping my team improve their self-confidence, help in building physical prowess, building muscle along with speed and power. My job is my lifestyle therefore it intertwines and I feel my job is really my passion therefore I never get tired or bored and continue to deliver the best HUA fitness I can.

What advice could you give someone wanting to start a career in fitness and personal training?
Firstly “Family” is my biggest advice – don’t treat the role as a job , it has to be driven from the heart, you need to love what you’re about to immerse yourself in it. Every client becomes a part of your fitness family – each individual brings a unique physical and mental skill to your team. Be able to cater for everyone, fitness diversity is the key. Try as many different physical challenges as you can so you know what you will impart on your team. Why? One day you may need too prescribe a session to a member of your team, I believe walking the walk and talking the talk is vital. Practice what you preach. So make sure you know what each exercise or event would feel like especially if your putting it into one of your team members programs. Knowledge is vital – experience is key. Learn by doing and researching, practical application of each class or session is important. Lead by doing not saying. Don’t be in it to make a quick buck. Make your name and reputation by leading.


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