UAE Employment Trends and Salaries for 2013Posted on September 8, 2013

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Your salary is dependent on a huge number of factors. These factors may be about your experience and performance, your company, the economic and employment climate, the industry you’re in and much more. So trying to pin down exactly what your 2013 salary could or should look like is a very complex issue.
However, it remains that year after year we see reports, websites, and articles written about this issue. Here at Laimoon we’ve taken a look at a few of these and summarised some indicative salaries and key employment climate trends for the UAE in 2013.

Employment and salary trends:

  • Salaries are generally up between 3% and 8%
  • Demand for expatriates remains high
  • Political instability in the region is having a small but not significant impact on economic growth in the UAE
  • Economic instability in Europe and US are still playing a part in suppressing potential growth, but a slow and steady growth pattern may create longer-term stability
  • As growth occurs, companies are focussing on staff retention for fear of losing their top staff to the competition

Expected salaries: The below represents the 2013 indicative average salary across a number of sectors/functions. The figures given are indicative, annual and in AED. They don’t include added benefits like transport, accommodation, medical insurance etc.

  • Senior Project Manager; 600,000
  • Structural Engineer: 264,000
  • Director of Facilities Management: 720,000
  • Health and Safety Manager: 480,000
  • Head Nurse: 240,000
  • Underwriter (Insurance): 144,000
  • Logistics Manager: 180,000
  • Personal Assistant: 240,000
  • Marketing Manager: 300,000
  • PR Manager: 300,000
  • Sales Manager: 270,000 (+ commission)
  • Production Manager: 80,000
  • Newspaper Editor: 170,000
  • Procurement Specialist: 220,000
  • Hotel General Manager: 250,000
  • Consultant (management): 400,000
  • Research and Development Director: 570,000
  • Data Entry Clerk: 36,000
  • Professor (University): 360,000
  • School Teacher: 100,000
  • Quality Assurance Manager: 250,000
  • Financial Controller: 350,000
  • Internal Auditor: 175,000
  • HR Manager: 290,000
  • IT Security Analyst: 270,000
  • Senior Associate (Law Firm): 500,000
  • Interior Designer: 300,000
  • Relationship Manager (banking): 360,000

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