Start-Ups in MENA Region Grow Eight Fold since 2005Posted on October 28, 2012

This is pretty exciting stuff! Recently Dubai Internet City and Frost & Sullivan released a report on the ‘Role of Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Development of ICT Industry’

Laimoon is proud to be a part of this growth as we are essentially a start-up looking to help other start-ups tap into the vast available talent in the region. We are also proud to be ‘born in Dubai’. This pride is especially important as the UAE leads region in government initiatives to promote international partnerships which could be a factor in its regional lead in attracting 17% of new enterprises.

The report is titled ‘The Role of Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in the Development of the ICT Industry’, and can be found on their website.

Free zones such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone also play a important role in this start-up growth. Laimoon and our parent company Honeybee Tech Ventures are based in Dubai Media City providing us great infrastructure and terrific location.

The entire report is worth a read, whether you are in a MENA region start-up or not. It’s implications go far beyond just the UAE and in fact will be effecting global business for potentially decades to come.

The level of ICT skills amongst the population of the UAE is high compared to most Middle East countries with 94 per cent of government employees and 95 per cent of non-government employees using a computer at work in 2011.

As the UAE’s fastest growing career channel, Laimoon is a witness to this high level of ICT skills as we have amassed profiles of some of the best digital talent in the region.

Laimoon is proud to be located in Dubai and help remains committed to driving innovation along side free zones such as Dubai Internet City. All of us together will create a strong support system to reinforce emerging technology trends while contributing to Dubai’s drive for creating a knowledge-based economy.

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