If you’re not goofing you’re not workingPosted on August 15, 2012

Time to put aside your guilt at taking walks and breaks during working hours because inspiration strikes when you least expect it…

If you’ve ever spent even an hour of any given work day with your head resting between your hands in frustration at the mental block that you have been vigorously trying to fight away, then you’re not alone. Strands of your hair find their way between your fingers and your eyes remain glued to the computer screen as you feel the helplessness seeping into every pore of your skin. Odds are, you haven’t been ‘goofing around’ enough.

Many of us feel a tiny (for some, larger) surge of trepidation at the idea of taking longer breaks, or any break at all for that matter. The idea of taking an extra ten minutes to chat with your colleague or take a quick stroll in the hallways may seem dishonest and we have all felt guilty at those ideas but consider this. Inspiration doesn’t have a schedule (apologies for the cliché) nor does it care about the convenience of a 9 to 5 shift. It will strike when it strikes and for the lucky few of us, it will strike before our heads are rested deep in a pillow and into a slumbering sleep.

‘Sedentary work habits are as dangerous as a sedentary lifestyle at home’, says James Levine, professor at the Mayo Clinic, to The Times and quoted by Forbes. He agrees that we don’t take nearly as many breaks as we are supposed to. You should be allowed to stand on your feet, take walks or even take a nap if you’re feeling sleepy. A time period of focused productivity is more beneficial than hours of wasted or perhaps, partially productive time. Studies have shown that taking a break, as well as providing you with a mental distraction, can exceedingly stimulate your attentiveness due to a smoother blood flow.

Our process of thinking and the trail of creative thought are not designed to be continuous. The longer you remain seated in your chair with those eyes glued to the computer screen the more rigid you will find your mental block to be. Thoughts, especially creative ones cannot and should not be forced. But, a word of caution is due, that overindulging in any activity will work against you and so you must take care of the degree of procrastination you commit to.

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