How the jobless should demonstrate their skillsPosted on August 26, 2012

Many people may stick with a job they don’t like as long as possible because they know — or have been told — that it is easier to get another job if you’re already employed.
That often is the case simply because prospective employers prefer someone who seems to be in demand with current skills and connections — especially if they doubt the reasons an unemployed candidate has lost his/her job.

This is not the only reason, however. There are a few other reasons that may seem less important but they can influence the decision maker when the final pick is being made.

For example, a hiring manager may be concerned that a person who has been out of work for a while is going to be slower to reintegrate in a new professional environment.

In addition, there may be concerns regarding the person’s ability to commit to an office routine, achieve life-work balance, develop new connections or catch up with industry updates.

These concerns and more have made it difficult for the jobless to find jobs and led, in many places around the world, to long-term unemployment. This kind of bias unfortunately can be hard to prove or counter, but what jobseekers can do is to be prepared to tackle head on from the very first step in the process.
Here are a few points to demonstrate your professionalism and skills to a future employer.

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