Want to have the best resume from the lot? Here are 10 simple ways to get your resume noticed.Posted on July 26, 2012

All companies, large and small, have HR assistants and/or secretaries to filter the irrelevant applications before the resumes reach the manager because managers do not have enough time to go through each application individually. Their task is made easier by these HR assistants and secretaries. This means, you need to prove your resume to them first before it even reaches the manager.

These assistant and secretaries might just have seconds – that’s right – seconds to judge your resume before moving on to the next one on the pile. It is a demanding task to make sure your resume passes through those first cuts on to the manager’s desk. Did you know 90 per cent of the resumes don’t make it through! As a result, your job is to create a resume that brings the best of what you posses, in a way which looks appealing to grab the attention of the readers.

Below are 10 secrets that will help your resume be a leading contender for the “keep” pile:

1) Adaptive resume: You should modify your resume in accordance to the job requirement stated for the particular job post. Basically, maintain a resume that adapts to the situation.

2) Efficient and concise resume: The basic rule of writing a resume is; the shorter, the better. Restrict your resume to two pages MAXIMUM. Moreover, writing the resume in a bulleted style is helpful for the reader to grab the main points he is looking for.

3) Focused resume – career summary/ objective: A career summary/ objective will allow you to voice out your aspirations declare your career goals and highlight your major achievements and try to relate all these to how you can contribute to the company. Also, make sure to keep your resume focused and straight to the point.

4) Top of your resume: It is very important how you start your resume. The beginning of your resume is the deciding factor for your audience whether to read more or not. The best item to include at the top of your resume is the specific job title you are applying for.

5) Avoid clichés: Employers probably receive a lot of resumes for the job vacancy. The HR personnel will possibly get sick of the reused words in various resumes. The best bet to stand out is to play around with unfamiliar wording or phrasing. It is equally important you provide evidence on what you label yourself as. First impression always counts. Remember, the person looking at your resume isn’t reading it, but looking for a reason to eliminate it.

6) Focus on achievements: In order to catch the eye of the recruiter and stand out from others, the only thing helping your cause is details of your achievements. If you led a team on a prior project, don’t just mention that you led a team; you need to assign numbers to these accomplishments. Portray the number of people in your team and what the output was in quantifiable amounts.

7) Limit visual appeals: Resumes need not necessarily be black and white always. But you also want your resume to be distinct from others. This does not essentially mean colours and visual appeals will make a difference. Yes, it probably would, but a lot of visual aids and colours will only degrade your cause as it will continuously distract the reader from learning your resume. Use visual aids for the primary reason of facilitating the recruiter in reading the resume.

8) Appeal audience by integrating keywords: 50 per cent of the resumes are chosen by detecting similar keywords from the job post and the resumes. Use this to your advantage by researching what qualities and skill sets are expected of the candidate and mention them in your CV if you are truly capable of them. Follow the word choices that the company uses and focus on the credentials that the employer values. This will help you appeal to your audience and only help pass through the early stages of screening easily.

9) Don’t lie: The most important point is that never lie while writing your resume. Put on your best face with your resume and be honest about your credentials. If the job requires 5 years work experience where as you only posses 2 years of it, don’t be discouraged. List what you have and what it takes to still get the job done like your ability to learn quickly or extra education etc. If you lie in your resume, it will come back to haunt you.

10) Post resume on Laimoon.com and online: Once you are done with your perfect resume, log in to Laimoon.com and upload your resume with some other details and you will be good to go.

Hope this will help you get noticed, stand out from the crowd and achieve your career goals. Remember, stick to the rule of clarity, clarity and more clarity. Good luck.

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