Helping the Middle Eastern Youth build a better ResumePosted on July 4, 2012

Everyday recruiters and employers receive very poor resumes. What do we mean by poor resumes?

The list is varied from employer to employer but common items we hear about very poor resumes have; poor structure, irrelevant data, very bad English, and our personal favorite a wedding photo. This ‘funny yet tragic’ scenario is a good proxy of what Middle Eastern youth suffer from, building an acceptable resume that enhances their chances of landing an interview.

Laimoon has set out to play a tiny yet decisive role in changing this situation: Help Middle East youth build good resumes in a key catching format without paying a professional cost.

Our easy to use interface are providing the building blocks, making it even simpler, to build a great resume. In the coming weeks we will be throwing open our doors to attract even more professionals to sign up and use Laimoon to find careers in all fields. We hope that by adding all roles across the UAE we can help not only job seekers but also employers.

And even sooner than this, job seekers will have a better user interface and can export or print their Laimoon resume to apply to wherever they want. We think this impact could be huge, not just for us, but for helping job seekers across our region.

Job seekers what has worked for you when building your resume? Share with us below.

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