5 Easy Techniques to Make the Most out of Your (Laimoon.com) Job PostingPosted on July 15, 2012

All employers use online job postings to seek the perfect candidate. Usually they not only obtain irrelevant applicants in excess, they also fail to find the right person even when the applicants are relevant. This article will help you build the right pool of applicants through assembling an eye catching job post on Laimoon.com and other job portals.

1. Compelling Job Title: Using ideal and apt words in the job title is critical. It should be precise so that relevant candidates apply for the job. This will help to maintain an optimal positioning within the search results. Job title is the primary factor for a job post to prosper. It’s the first impression of the job and the company itself.

2. Matching Keywords: Laimoon.com suggests related keywords when posting a job. Laimoon.com uses our dynamic ‘job graph’ to match with the common keywords of the job post and applicants background. Even without the Laimoon.com job graph guiding your post, selecting the perfect match of keywords is the key for the job post to flourish. Achieve your recruiting objectives and finding the ideal candidate by selecting fitting and suitable keywords at all times.

3. Complete Description: The best practices for online job descriptions involve a complete description of the job portrayed clearly in an organized and logical manner. Using bullet points and concise sentences facilitate the job seeker’s ability to accurately find information within the job posting. Laimoon.com job posts makes this even simplier, breaking down descriptions in 3 or 4 easy to scan Job Requirements.

4. Sell your Company: Sell the job opportunity by providing a company overview, job responsibilities, benefits of joining the organization and information about the company. Provide to your pool of candidate’s alternative ways to gather information about your company. Links to the company’s website, Twitter account, Facebook page, and blogs are great ways to increase your visibility online and aid recruiting. This gives a more personal connection to the organization before a job seeker even applies for an available career opportunity.

5. Display Salary: While rarely followed, it is one of the leading factors in influencing candidates to apply for your job. So, if you are looking for a good application turnover, it is advisable to mention at least the range of salary affordable if not the precise figures. This piece of information does indeed help attract a lot of job candidates.

Integrating these techniques will surely assist you in improving the calibre of your candidates and will also help to ease your selection process. What are some other easy techniques to make a great job posting?

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