3 Ways to Help Make the Right MENA Hiring DecisionPosted on April 11, 2012

Recently we shared with you 7 top tips for a successful MENA recruitment. Now we hope to expand on this topic and get your business to the next set of pre-screening candidates.

After you have completed your recruitment drive, it is only natural to start making your hiring decision. These are the 3 Ways to Help Make the Right Hiring Decision.

With the MENA unemployment rate perilously high and set to go higher, people need jobs and unfortunately will stretch the truth or outright lie to get hired. It’s up to you as an employer to effectively pre screen your hires,  obviously for the good of the company, the teams, and to ensure your continued success.

There are three key ways pre-screening can truly help you make the right hiring decision:

1. Test for truthfulness

The job market in MENA is potentially only getting worse as recovery is slow and unemployment rises. This causes people to apply for jobs that do not fit their skills and stretch the truth on their resumes.

There are some common areas where candidates are willing to embellish their work history.

  1. Salary
  2. Time spent in a job
  3. Skills
  4. Previous job responsibilities
  5. Credentials

Asking the hard questions and following up on references allow you to test for truthfulness and weed out those that embellish. While it is understandable these candidates are desperate if they can lie so easily now, what will they lie about in the future?

2. Gauge Personality to fit with your Company and Culture

We’ve discussed personality assessments and while they are extremely useful for companies that can afford them, most companies must asset talent in other ways. Straight up asking “What are your best personality traits” is a great place to start. Asking the hard questions “what are your worst personality trails” might be even better.  While we are often technologically adverse in the MENA region, the use of online methods is slowly creeping into our business and personal lives. Conducting cost effective online MBTI tests or video interviews can save time & money. In the case of online videos, this allows you to increase your potential candidate pool to expats wishing, but not yet living in the region.  Seeing your candidates on video will give you a tool to look beyond the electronic profile.

3. Assess the Temperament

This tip takes some finesse. Asking difficult questions about the candidates’ failures and not so glossy work experience can show you how they might react under pressure.   Using seemingly irrelevant and rapid-fire questions can keep the candidates on their toes and allows them to answer quickly…and truthfully. Understanding the temperament can allow you to see if this person will be the right fit for your company and team.

See how they react to discussing their failures. While no one likes discussing failures it is the confident and talented that easily share failure and what they learn from it.

Are you prepared to ask the tough questions to pre-screen your candidates? 

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