What Is It About Laimoon.com?Posted on March 1, 2012

The Laimoon Team created something exciting, new and apparently polarizing. Laimoon.com has set out to completely change the way job seekers and employers interact with each other. Below we have highlighted a list of unsolicited customer feedback. None of it really good in a traditional sense, but since we are provoking this type of reaction, its worth a look.
very irritating process of finding jobs. I'd ideally prefer to see the list of jobs and chose and apply..simple! I wonder why would you create such a complex product to find jobs! Are you adding a Search function? Your style of searching jobs is uninteresting... no one has time to select 10 choices… I strongly advise u to make some editions to be more successfull. Why should I only be allowed to apply for jobs that suits my credentials according to your criteria?! I feel I am "missing" on opportunities because of Laimoon rather than get the chance to be exposed to more This is the most complicated job board I have ever seen. THIS IS A GREAT WEBSITE… BUT MY SUGGESTION IS THAT THERE SHOULD BE A WAY IN WHICH I CAN SEARCH FOR AND VIEW ALL THE JOBS ON LAIMOON. the site does not have job search option, its too automated The algorithm seems flawed. Please add option to search jobs...
The over reaching message seems to be users are asking for a search functionality. We don't necessarily agree. Since Laimoon.com works differently, job seekers are only able to reveal and then apply to positions because they have matched the parameters set by employers.  Not only does this create more relevant candidates for employers, this new approach to online job matching helps job seekers distance themselves and stand out in a highly competitive market.

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