Top 7 tips for Successful RecruitmentPosted on March 21, 2012

Whether you are making your first hire or are a seasoned recruitment professional the success of your recruitment is based on your preparation. Taking the necessary steps even before posting a job ad can assure you will recruit the right candidate for you.  Recruitment can be long and easily fail when you do not properly map out the right candidate and job description.

Understanding the responsibilities of the job and what this candidate will need to succeed will ensure your next recruitment will be smooth. These are the 7 steps to successfully recruit in the MENA region.

1. Write an explanatory Job Description based on KPI’s – A solid job description explaining the jobs key tasks as they relate to KPI’s or key performance indicators will help you understand the level of experience required to fill this role. This will factor on how you will measure the success, a powerful tool in your upcoming interview process

2. Decide on assessment criteria / tools – Performing psychometric evaluations, while a good practice, is not cost effective for most organizations. You can easily base your criteria by looking at your top performer & bottom performer as a benchmark & contrast in profiles

3. Decide candidate profile – From here you should have a solid understanding of the type of candidate you are looking for. Years of experience, education, industry experience, and even hobbies and interests can play a role.

4. Structure interview based on role/assessments – We are still in preparation mode! Its important to determine the structure of your interview based on the candidate profile, the tasks to be determined and the measures of performance. Being interview ready before you start your search will ensure a successful hire.

5. Get the word out – It’s generally a good idea to start with your contact’s contacts. Using social media to search candidates and arrange introductions can help you find a highly recommended candidate.  While performing your own network search, posting a job ad on various job portals can assure your word is getting out to active job seekers.

6. Set up the interviews – Assuming you have followed steps 1-4 your candidate assessment should be easy. It’s time to set up interviews. Ideally it is optimal to avoid too many phone interviews, as the MENA region is still a face-to-face culture. However time is money and performing too many face-to-face interviews is wasteful.  When possible, do not meet candidates until the 2nd round of interviews.

7. Keep meetings at a minimum – Finally, keep interviews focused and about the interview. While you might have just interviewed an attractive candidate do not have them meet everyone in the office as this time is unproductive for both the candidate and your team.

Hiring in the MENA region presents its own challenges. Use these 7 steps to effectively recruit great candidates so your hiring process will be just as systematic as your recruitment.

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