Laimoon Innovates in Technology Job Boards for Job Seekers and RecruitersPosted on February 11, 2012

Reading the article “Technology Job Boards Have Failed Recruiters and Job Seekers” we read some familiar complaints and identified the main problem we set out to solve when we started Namely,

How did we arrive at a place where qualified talent is available in abundance but hard to find?

The classic example presents itself in this article from 2011.  An employer or recruiter posts a job online and by morning their inbox is full of literally hundreds of irrelevant CVs. And why not, for a job seeker, applying to jobs is a numbers game with and with no hurdles to apply, it’s simple to just blast my CV to jobs that I might not be fit for.

The Laimoon Team has been diligent in solving this problem. The noise to signal level online is just growing and growing, and now with social recruitment a popular method, will the signal ever be strong?

How have we arrived at this place? How can qualified talent still be sitting on the sidelines, and how can employers more effectively filter through resumes?Since Laimoon works differently, we have reimagined how to use technology to allow for qualified talent to identify the jobs they are strongest in, while looping this signal around to provide recruiters with buckets of pre-filtered candidates, allowing them to quickly identify their strongest candidates.

It’s a noticeable difference, and one we invite you to try.

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