Top 5 Tips to Effectively Screen Candidates Through Social MediaPosted on December 4, 2011

As social media becomes more ubiquitous to our lives HR professionals are taking note. SHRM findings suggest that while more and more Recruitment and HR professionals are taking advantage of screening candidates through social media, a still large number are apprehensive to use social media as a resource to screen candidates.

Citing lack of verifiable data and lack of the job-relatedness of the information obtained from social media sites are just two of the reasons organizations are avoiding social media as a method to screen candidates.

But as we interact with these social medias a very robust social graph is built. And since we devote tremendous amounts of time on social media it only makes sense we should leverage this time for good. Finding a new job/opportunity, making a new friend, or even gaining further confidence to make a new hire are some ways to use social media to positively effect our lives. As such, it has never been a better time to engage with social media search for new candidates.

But how do we, as recruitment professionals effectively screen though social media? Below are‘s top 5 tips to effectively screen candidates through social media

  1. All about the Timing – When reviewing candidates the shortlisting of applicants must be paired down from a list numbering in the hundreds. With this massive range of applicants appropriate timing of when to do a social media search is important. Just before the final interviews when the shortlist is down to 3 or 5 is the right time to do an effective and time appropriate social media search
  2. What’s the Frequency? – Just like the timing, the frequency of your search is also important. Factoring in the number of occurrences you search, i.e. making the most of your search experience, searching smartly and on the right mediums will ensure success in screening candidates through social media
  3. Where should I be looking? – Working smartly with effective time management includes using the right tools for the job. Stick with the big 3 Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when performing you social media screening. Of course no search would be complete without Google. Simply typing in the name of your candidate into Google’s search bar could save a lot of time during your candidate screening
  4. Creating High Relevancy – The more relevant the social media the better. Using Facebook and Twitter might not be suitable for engineering candidates, where LinkedIn would suffice. However LinkedIn, and Facebook might be better options screening candidates for a sales or client facing position.
  5. Division of Labor – Who is performing all these searches? Not the line manager, immediate manager, perhaps not even the interviewer. Properly performing searches by the correct people ensure effectiveness and success when screening for candidates through social media.

Social Media is the driving force in our new knowledge economy. Facebook’s recent user number suggest that 1 out of every 13 people have a Facebook profile! If you have ever thought, wow everyone is on Facebook, this might give you some perspective. As more people are coming online in record numbers, internet speeds are increasing and interactions on Facebook and social media are becoming more and more abundant it is time our recruitment methods catch up.

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