Let Your Talent Shine with Your “Standout Line”!Posted on December 8, 2011

Whenever jobseekers apply to a job directly on Laimoon.com, the application they create comes loaded with interesting and unique features.  It’s a fresh way of presenting yourself to an employer vs. just the traditional boring CV/Resume.  Included are things like: your photo, a quick background bio, work experience highlights, industry, education, and etc.  A personal Q&A session is also included, this is where you get to answer why you fit the job at hand. It’s like a micro-interview, that lets your work experience come through in a quick and natural conversation – not just colds words on the page of a CV.

But, the first thing that the employer sees, before any of this, is a “Standout Line”. This is where jobseekers get another chanceto shine by writing a very brief statement about what makes them stand out, helping them separate from the crowd. These can be funny or serious, or anything in between. Fortunately for us, we get to see all of them at Laimoon.com, and below are some that we think are extra special and worth showing off to you!

Laimoon’s top 10 killer Standout Lines of November, straight from the jobseeker’s mouth:

1. “Nobody’s Perfect. I’m nobody.”

2. “M+ (Postive Marketing) is my blood group”

3. “Pray I will never be your competitor’s tool”

4. “The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get”

5. “I believe in God… and I also believe in Picasso!”

6. “I settle for nothing less than the WOW! Effect”

7. “Born to Sell!”

8. “I breathe, eat, sleep, and talk advertising”

9.  “I’m in the business of making friends… and business is good!!”

10. “Just do hard work”

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