New Jobs Site Takes an Interactive Approach | SpringwisePosted on November 10, 2011

By Katharina Kieck

Whereas most employment websites tend to focus on resumes and page after page of job listings, Dubai-based Laimoon takes a very different approach. Instead of putting the onus on job hunters to browse through endless openings, the site asks them a few key questions and then offers a short, customized, and dynamically refined list of targeted results.

Now in beta, Laimoon is the brainchild of HoneyBee Tech Ventures. Newcomers to the site begin by answering a few multiple-choice questions about themselves, such as the highest education level they’ve attained, their fluency level in English, and the countries they’d like to work in; the site currently focuses primarily on the Middle East. Based on their answers to those questions — which have not yet included the user’s name or any personal information — Laimoon then reports how many jobs on the site could be a potential match. At that point, Laimoon asks a few more questions to refine the results further; after every few questions, a new, closely targeted possibility emerges and is presented for the user’s consideration. Only once this initial stage is done are users asked to register with the site, enabling them to save their results, apply to the jobs that interest them and receive fresh job alerts in the future. Laimoon is free for job seekers; employers pay only after they shortlist the talent they like.

We’ve already seen Marriott take its recruiting to Facebook with a specially designed game, and we’ve seen Pepsi develop a dedicated mobile app for a similar purpose. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs: how could you bring a fresh approach to the ages-old job hunt?

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