Laimoon Puts a Fresh Twist on Job Recruitment in the Middle East | WamdaPosted on November 25, 2011

By Khaled AlSaleh

It’s never easy admitting that you were wrong. To have to admit that you were completely and utterly amiss might make your insides churn like a smoothie in a blender, but I’m okay with admitting I was wrong about the region, because what I just learned chatting with Laimoon has shown me that there is real cause to celebrate innovation in the Middle East.

I’ve often supported the rise of me-too sites as a solution to the region’s paltry presence online, even though it’s a lazy solution at best, and at worst an antidote to real thinking. But now I have the people at Laimoon to thank for proving me wrong. Innovation is alive and well here in the region where we are blessed with people intelligent and confident enough to create rethink existing business models.

Laimoon, the first company born out of an effort by Honeybee Technology Ventures, is a regional online recruiting site for sales and marketing professionals that blows away its competitors.

When you visit the site, the first thing that strikes you is its beautiful design. It has clean lines, ample white space, and fresh yellows that make Google’s homepage feel crowded. Beauty is anything but skin-deep at Laimoon, for it’s when you use the site as a recruiter or job-seeker that you begin to appreciate the power of the website and its business model.

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