Laimoon is differentPosted on November 23, 2011

As we see it the common problem with ‘job boards’ is your job is listed amongst hundreds of other jobs allowing just anyone to apply with a click of a button. Laimoon is not a job board. We do not have listings or traditional search functionality. Because of this never before has it been easier to find relevant talent for your job.

Since Laimoon is different in its approach to recruitment; it helps cut out irrelevant applicants. Only those that identify with the responsibilities of your job get to see your full job ad. Since not just anyone can apply, this makes it easy to identify qualified applicants.

Natural Language Q & A does away with "keywords" & "search" requiring job seekers to identify with your job responsibilities before being reveled your job ad

Only once the candidate identifies with your job responsibilities as being relevant to their experience does Laimoon reveal the job ad.  Candidates who have revealed the job ad must demonstrate their experience in the specific jobs tasks set by the employer by answering in the application process – requiring job seekers to do more than click a mouse to apply.

Candidates must further demonstrate their competency by answering questions in their own words, allowing employers to better assess talent

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