Laimoon takes a fresh approach to job hunting in the Middle East | The Next WebPosted on October 3, 2011

By Nancy Messieh

Laimoon, which literally means lemon in Arabic, is a brand new UAE-based job recruitment site in the Middle East which aims to do things in a little differently. Launching quietly in July, the site has attracted over 700 job listings and over 4,000 registered users applying for these jobs.

Laimoon is the first project to emerge from the newly founded Honeybee Tech Ventures, whose founders are also behind the Middle Eastern media platform, Zawya.

The Middle Eastern job market is primarily dominated by Bayt, a recruitment site which continues to evolve, adding new features, and could well be on its way to becoming the region’s LinkedIn. With the emergence of Laimoon, Bayt could have some competition in the recruitment space, because of just how different and innovative the site is.

At the moment, the majority of the listed jobs are based in the UAE, but there are plans to expand beyond that into the rest of the Middle East.

How does Laimoon work?

Laimoon takes a very different approach to how you search for a job that suits your skills and experience, all wrapped up in an extremely appealing, clean and minimal design.

Rather than fill in your entire CV, and then page through lists of openings, Laimoon presents you with a series of questions about your personal experience, your education, language skills, managerial experience and more. Most of the questions are multiple choice, with the exception of filling in industry keywords that apply to your personal experience.

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