5 ways to get your next promotion fasterPosted on May 14, 2014


Get a qualification

When speaking to hiring managers about the value of the professional qualifications, continuing professional development and/or a degree, the answer is always the same; these things alone will not get you the job, but are the bare minimum that keeps you out of the rejection pile during initial selection. What is also true is that professional qualifications give the employer the confidence that you have the relevant standard knowledge required to perform the tasks within the job role. Combined with relevant and diverse work experience these credentials are a powerful force that demonstrates your commitment to the subject and your own progress and in many cases, certainly for more senior positions will be a fundamental pre-requisite for the role. Not having them will prove to be an incredibly costly mistake.

Join a professional association

We’ve said it before and we will repeat it here, do not underestimate the value of the professional association as a support to your career. For more on this subject read our article about the value of professional associations. However in summary they will bring you:

  • Credibility
  • Global networking
  • Conferences and Events
  • Informal learning opportunities through research and articles developed by the association
  • Formal learning opportunities including professional qualifications like the CMA and workshops such as the IMA’s Leadership Academy
  • To gain a mentor and also to mentor other lesser experienced members
  • To share global best practice
  • To learn of regional and global job opportunities

Volunteer for cross-functional projects

Often cross-functional projects come with unique challenges that can only be overcome by understanding and appreciating the role and value of each function within the business. Having a broad understanding of how different business functions approach and solve problems is vital for any senior staff member. At the very top, you will be required to continuously oversee and sometimes manage multiple, if not all the functions that make up a business. It will be of great advantage to you to build your exposure to this as early in your career as possible. It is also likely to take you out of your comfort zone and in doing so stretch and challenge you further than before.

Get a mentor and become a mentor

A mentor should be someone who is ideally not a peer or a manager of yours. They should be an independent and impartial person of more senior standing than yourself and preferably someone you admire. They may or may not be in the company you work for. This mentor could come from your professional association. The mentor will guide you and coach you, may be able to develop a career map with you and should be able to at least draw on their own experiences to help you progress. This can be an incredibly powerful relationship.

Similarly, offering this service to someone else will prove very valuable to your own career. It shows commitment to your own and others’ development and gives you a supervisory position that will help you to develop you leadership skills.

Become a ‘knowledge holder’ in your company

Knowledge Holders are individuals who hold an in depth knowledge an understanding of a particular area. This will be a small area but you should develop considerable depth within it. This could be something like ‘UK Tax’ or ‘UAE Labor Law’ or ‘Customs and Excise in Nigeria’; it is wise to choose a subject that you already have some understanding of and you know will be useful within your company. As a ‘knowledge holder’ you will become the ‘go to’ person for all staff members of all levels of seniority about that. This will give you considerable credibility and will also allow you to support senior staff and become known by them. Don’t forget to tell the company that you have this knowledge and are willing to support the company with expertise whenever needed.

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